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Entonces les dijo: "Síganme, y yo los haré pescadores de hombres".
"Felices los afligidos, porque serán consolados".
"No son los que me dicen: "Señor, Señor", los que entrarán en el Reino de los Cielos, sino los que cumplen la voluntad de mi Padre que está en el cielo".

San Mateo.

We could say that the essence of Catholicism is the service. Not a theoretical but one made flesh, it's the freely available of life for the others, like Jesus gave his life for us, showing a new and radical way of life, and too changing all the old paradigms of mankind: instead wealth, power and selfishness, offers poverty, humility and service.
The big decision, follow his porpose, is totally linked to the notion of another person. The inversion of past values must be true, same that the washing of feet and many others, signs of humility, of love. As Bendict says, there are the beginings of the new priesthood of Jesus Christ, which has as a corollary the incorporation of the disciples into the Lord's priesthood.

It's an invitation to live without fears, accepting the posibility of hurts in the process of the meeting with others.

To this are called all people on the world, and specially the priests, vicars of Christ. It means they have more responsabilities in their lifes, cause they only have to interested in being reals testimonials of the love, forgers of the unity in the difference.

When we forget our commitment, and we live for us ("Am I rather living for myself?"), we are obscuring the mission in the world with inconsistences, preventing to men and women from the encountering God's love. If we err, knowing it, we must have the courage to ask for forgiveness and put ourselves available to the others, cause the responsability implies a willingness to be corrected to reconcile with the community.

This goes particularly for priests in their mission to bring God's mercy to those served, when abdicate peace and change by the sword, when they choose violence and selfish power instead of power of love, always willing to suffer for the good. Then, catholics are called to respect Law (as a manifestation of justice, the basis for peace), make the just and good, and the priests first. There are no exceptions: the truth of the kingdom doesn't tolerate facades that hide an inability to suffer for the beloved subject; without it, there's no real joy.

The abuses committed in his apostolate, such as violations of physical integrity of children, must be punished even more severely than crimes of ordinary citizens and the church should do everything possible to shed light on these cases, possible and certain. Without light there is no truth nor reconciliation. What not to say that the priesthood, and the requirements involved for a more dedicated service, itself is bad by any means, as we have said!

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